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About: Rosicrucian Student Site
  This is actually a sub-site of
This section is a bit more orderly than the main site; for those more serious and focused in their mystic studies.

Please note the word "Rosicrucian" on this site is used in the broadest sense of its usage. This site claims no connection with any group, public or private. This site says no ill about any group, public or private.

The purpose of this site, if it has one, is simply to toss my efforts into the common work of seekers along a path of rediscovery.

As it's likely you either arrived from a site focusing on mystic studies or else you were searching for something specific, I'll point out the fact that your being here suggest that there is something here you want to learn more about.

Finally, I'll mention that this site is still very much in its growing stage. I plan to add to it often over the next few months so you might want to book-mark it and check back from time to time.

I hope you find the site of use.

Your comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

- RJ

  The main site is an old site by Internet standards. There I take a more light hearted approach to life's secrets.

There are a number of unrelated subjects touched on there whose main purpose is to bring in people who may be more in the mainstream than the typical mystic student. By exposing them to some of my studies and beliefs, I hope to awaken their own unique questioning mind. is Owned and Operated by
RobRose Net, Inc.

About: RobRose Net, Inc.
  RobRose Net, Inc. is the name of the corporation owned by myself (Robert) and my wife (Rose Ann) that we've run from our home office since 1996. We provide consulting and other services primarily helping small businesses use the web effectively.

We build and manage websites and also own and operate a number of web sites of our own, including an online retail store, BattyShopper.

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  "The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be."
-- Socrates (470-399 BC)

This site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any organization or group
that the owner may be a member of or associated with.

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