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Greetings fellow seeker of ancient wisdom

While the main SecretOfLife site takes a light-hearted approach to life's secrets, in this section I adopt a more serious tone. (but not too serious, I hope)

The work of a mystic student ...
I suggest to the reader that the Great Work is not to learn the wisdom of the ages but rather to live the wisdom of the ages.

We are to use our minds and our bodies to bring about physical changes in ourselves that rebuild the inner bridges that mankind allowed to fall into dis-repair long ago.

Our goal is to realize the wholeness of our being as it expresses itself in physical form.

Such is our birthright, if we will but claim it.

I hope you enjoy your visit and will consider stopping back by from time-to-time.

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"The discovery of what is true, and the practice of that which is good, are the two most important objects of philosophy."
-- Voltaire (1694-1778)

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