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You create your own reality!

Welcome to the Seth Ring, a ring dedicated but not restricted to pages involving Seth and his philosophy.

"You create your own reality" is essentially the motto of Seth's philosophy, which is one of a completely self-created reality. It's also a reality of harmonious cooperation with the rest of existence; life and consciousness are in all things. Together we exist to learn, grow, and create. We are all unlimited beings!
Seth's philosophy echoes aspects of Eastern mysticism, modern physics, and New Age concepts, though it is structured into a pattern that is unique to Seth and Jane Roberts, the person through which Seth speaks; at the same time, it speaks about knowledge that each of us holds within us already and need only to be reminded of. The Seth material is a world view that strives to bridge the gaps in our understanding of reality. Above all, Seth teaches us to take responsibility of the lives we live, and to live effortlessly and have fun!
Through Jane, Seth dictated several books, the most famous of which are Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul and The Nature of Personal Reality. There have been other Seth-based books written by Jane and by members of her ESP class, such as Rick Stack and Susan Watkins.
The pages in the Seth Ring focus on the personal experiences and philosophies of those who have been influenced in one way or another by Seth. You will find that readers of Seth come from widely differing backgrounds and defy categorization. Each individual is unique and treads a unique path. For this reason, you should use your own judgment when browsing people's sites, but also strive to keep an open mind. This is a careful balance that we must all walk.
Okay, enough serious stuff. The universe is our playground, let's make the most of it! So let's get started!


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