Who is Seth?

Who and What is Seth ? Seth, by his own description, is a personality who is no longer focused in physical reality. From late in 1963 until 1984, when Jane passed away, Seth spoke through Jane Roberts (I believe its fashionable these days to call it channeling.) The sessions were recorded (mostly in a modified long hand) by Jane's husband, Robert Butts. In the early years, Jane held a weekly ESP class where sessions were recorded (audio tape) by the students and later transcribed. Collectively the sessions are frequently referred to as the Seth material.
Seth refers to Jane and Rob as Ruburt and Joseph, names he said better describes their greater selves. After an initial "getting acquainted" period with Jane and Rob, Seth started dictating "Seth Speaks: the Eternal Validity of the Soul", and the rest as they say, is history

Over the years Seth dictated a number of books and Jane wrote a number of books of her own. The Seth books include detailed session notes given by Rob on what was going on in the world and in their personal lives at the time of the sessions. Seth drew heavily on these experiences by way of examples in his books. An interesting, and amazing aside, Seth dictated all his books in one draft, often with long interruptions between sessions, without ever contradicting himself.

The range of subject matter in Seth's books is broad. From dreams and out of body travel to life after death. Biblical history, space travel, other dimensions, parallel and probable selves, and behavior of subatomic particles are just a few of the topics covered. While many of Seth's explanations are very in depth and not likely to be grasped with a quick read through, he writes with a sharp wit and a full sense of humor and frequently explains that many things are only as complicated as we expect them to be. Throughout Seth's work the main themes return again and again ... "You create your own reality", and "You get what you concentrate upon."

I suggest that if this has got you interested, you pick up a copy of Seth Speaks" and give it a glance. Remember, many of Seth's ideas were explained simply in his earlier books and only later did he give fuller, more detailed, explanations. You'll do yourself a disservice if you jump into his later books without a basic understanding of his theories.

I have given "Seth Speaks" as a special gift to a few people over the years when I felt the person was in need of it or was somehow "ready" for the ideas within. But neither I, nor anyone that I have known of, has tried to force Seth on someone or "convert" them over to what Seth says. There is no Seth dogma. So you need not worry about someone trying to change who you are. If however, you're ready for change ... 

"If you are in poor health, you can remedy it. If your personal relationships are unsatisfactory, you can change them for the better. If you are in poverty, you can find yourself surrounded by abundance... Each of you, regardless of position, status, circumstances, or physical condition, is in control or your own experience." ... Seth

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